Surrender to the flow.

I was recently asked if I believed in luck. Synchronicity yes, luck no. We can influence our destiny by being prepared so when an opportunity arrives we are open and ready to receive it. With positive intentions and practice, we can manifest meaningful coincidences. The more aware we become of how we manifest, that is when we get clear, the higher the frequency of the synchronicities of what we attract in our life.

So what happens when something bad happens? It is simply our perception of the situation based on expectations. At that moment we are obviously attached to an outcome that it isn’t and we are disappointed. However, an energetic shift is needed for the next something, be it good or bad, to come. Why? Because change is inevitable. How we perceive and prepare for it isn’t. Surrender to the flow yogis, Namaste.



When we surrender, we release fears, anxieties, doubts and all the endless agitations of the mind discovering our difficulties are only temporary. Our perspective expands tremendously and we change our karma…giving without expectation. Yoga Sutra 1.23, Isvarapranidhanadva, is devotion to a higher power. When we bow or surrender to a force greater than ourselves we find that what we seek is already present within us, the divine source of life. To devote or dedicate is the means to dissolve the citta vrtti, that place of mind chatter, and surrender to love. Truly devoting ourselves becomes a selfless service to all beings as we recognize the Divine in everyone. Imagine what a world this would be. Surrender to the flow yogis, Namaste.