Surrender to the flow.

I was recently asked if I believed in luck. Synchronicity yes, luck no. We can influence our destiny by being prepared so when an opportunity arrives we are open and ready to receive it. With positive intentions and practice, we can manifest meaningful coincidences. The more aware we become of how we manifest, that is when we get clear, the higher the frequency of the synchronicities of what we attract in our life.

So what happens when something bad happens? It is simply our perception of the situation based on expectations. At that moment we are obviously attached to an outcome that it isn’t and we are disappointed. However, an energetic shift is needed for the next something, be it good or bad, to come. Why? Because change is inevitable. How we perceive and prepare for it isn’t. Surrender to the flow yogis, Namaste.

Be the Light.

On the dawn of the winter solstice I contemplated what to manifest in the new year on the new moon next week while scrutinizing over the past twelve months assessing everything that did and did not work. Like a plant who needs the dormancy of the winter to come to bloom, we too need this time to grow our roots and let the dead foliage fall. We need to take the time to nurture and weed in order to flourish. And like flora we take this time to ground down deep into the quiet stillness. Meditation imparts our intuition and our truth.

It is perplexing when others express their dissatisfaction about their work. This is a space that we spend a majority of our time and energy. As a society we have placed an enormous importance on financial security with so little on our true purpose in life. Each one of us has an extraordinarily unique gift to offer. When we don’t align our lives accordingly how can we truly be authentic beings? Working simply to make a living means we are not living in the present. We are working towards an energetic exchange later. How can we possibly be conscious and present in the moment when all of our energy is being displaced for the future? Living in this state results in the anxiety, depression, fear and disease that is so prevalent today.

This year I am manifesting Love. A love for ourselves. As we cultivate daily practices that fulfill us we tend our personal gardens. These can be small simple acts as time spent in Nature or grandiose lifestyle changes such as embarking on a new career. Nourish the spirit and watch it blossom into the majestic expression of your being. Stop watering dead leaves. Feed the fire. Ignite that Light inside you and watch it glow. Shine on yogis, Namaste.