The first Full Moon of 2018 occurs tomorrow not only on the first day of the year and on moonday (Monday) and a SuperMoon but also in La Luna’s home zodiac sign of Cancer. Energies are high and as such, I have been contemplating what to bring into this New Year and what to leave behind.

As human beings with intellect and egos, we have the natural tendency to analyze. As soon as we categorize a person, experience or thing there is an attachment that binds us. We rarely if ever reiterate the person, place or sequence of events that occurred without including our own opinions. And as such those re-creations are not fact but stories, often tying us to the past or future instead of living in the moment. It sets up expectations for similar experiences without allowing us to stand in awareness unbiased and unfiltered.

This is my resolution for the new year. Stop the stories. Slough it off. Let moments pass over me in its entirety instead of gnawing and chewing and digesting it to a pulp. Quiet the mind stuff. Be the now. Have gratitude attitude. Thank you 2017 for being the springiest of diving boards. We are about to phoenix right out of these ashes. Rise up yogis, Namaste.




Today is the day of gratitude.  To have kindly thoughts of acknowledgement and appreciation in your life.  But what exactly is it to appreciate something? Appreciation is to value highly and to be fully conscious of it….to be aware.  Yoga is a practice of self-awareness so today I invite you to be grateful for yourself.  For all your body does, for your uniqueness and for your Light.

The probability of you being born is about one in 40 trillion.  You are a precious incarnation.  Love yourself.  Appreciate yourself.  Be the best you.  Saying “I am my best” is the power of intention.  It is inexhaustible.  Saying “I am the best” is rooted in fear and fed by the ego.  Through loving yourself and others you disarm the ego and starve it.  We desperately need to nourish ourselves with positive attitudes if we are to change the energetics globally.  Cultivate self-love and your presence will make a difference.

So how do we do this when our mind is conditioned to judge and analyze?  Calm the mind. Thinking wastes your energy.  Feeling conserves your energy.  Feel love and you will be love.  A flower doesn’t make an effort to send its fragrance.  It is it’s true nature. You are love for love is the living infinity.  Experience each moment as it unfolds and relish it. Love every moment.  Shine on yogis, Namaste.