We live in a culture in the United States that perceives the automobile as an entitlement rather than a privilege. Millions of people all over the world do not own or use a car alternatively using public transportation, bicycles or horses. For example in South America you commonly see horse-drawn cart and buggies transporting harvests to sell at the local markets bringing a whole new meaning to our slow food or farm-to-table movements.

Using public transportation to move about our daily routine results in often taking the same bus or train route. We get to know our bus drivers and fellow riders. We form relationships that open us to new ways of thinking as none of us have anything immediately in common except that we are commuting together. To commute comes from the Latin origin “com”, meaning altogether, and “mutare”, to change. It is an interchange of energy. We are a “WE ” not a “ME”, engaging with others rather than being alone in a car and isolated from others. The journey is a communion and has other far-reaching rippling effects such as consuming less fossil fuels. We are part of the whole generating more compassion and kindness to our fellow human beings. We vibrate higher and smile more. Grin on yogis, Namaste.


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