In the late 1990s, I embarked on a 12-week spiritual path to higher creativity while re-navigating my life after not being accepted into veterinary school. I had adored animals since I was a small child and excelled in academics especially mathematical, scientific and analytical studies, so it just made sense that’s what I would do. I tried not once but several times with the same results, leaving me with this huge sense of failure not only for not getting in but for not having a plan B. So when a friend asked if I wanted to participate with her in this inward personal journey to greater confidence and intuition I thought why not.

One of the basic tools of this course is “morning pages” which are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing done first thing in the morning. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind so it doesn’t matter so much what is written but that the pen keeps moving across the page. When we write, things tend to become clear to us. It helps us see windows of opportunity we didn’t see before. In this process of clearing our mind moving into creativity, we achieve emotional empowerment because we are less reluctant to hesitate and more apt to take risks. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the huge complexities of different situations, we just take smaller steps. We learn to trust our inner guide rather than listening to external influences that dictate how we should live our life. We live from a safety net of belief that this creative force in us is the Divine’s creative pulse itself, expressing as our unique gift to the world.

This experience retrained my brain from acting from the mind and intellect to working from the heart and soul. I still write morning pages two decades later however it was in my yoga teacher training I was reminded of the value in doing it again daily. Instead of being emotionally and creatively starved, we are able to fill our own wells and care for our own spirit. This sense of abundance enables us to be more generous, compassionate and effectively help others. La Luna Alchemy’s New Moon Journal Ritual is a two-week journey from setting intentions on the New Moon to manifestation on the Full Moon. Every morning in your inbox a visually stunning email will guide you through a process of personal inquiry and contemplation. Join us on this incredibly transformative process to your exquisite metamorphosis. Write on yogis, Namaste.

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