Asparagus Soup

Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful workshop called Renew & Restore: A Conscious Cleanse that included bodycare, yoga and nutrition. Jessica Yoches of Earthly Eating Nutrition shared with us so many invaluable bits of information like the fact asparagus assists our body with detoxification as it contains the highest amount of glutathione than any other food. In the workbook everyone went home with, there were some delicious recipes including this insanely easy and delicious one I modified slightly per my taste. Enjoy!



  • 5 cups chopped asparagus
  • 1/2 yellow onion, roughly chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1/8 teaspoon rosemary
  • 1/8 teaspoon sage
  • 1/8 teaspoon thyme
  • 1/8 teaspoon marjoram
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1/2 cup of almonds
  • black pepper to taste


  1. Place the asparagus, onion, and garlic in a saucepan. Add 2 cups of water, cover and bring to a simmer. Steam the asparagus for 5-7 minutes until tender and then remove from heat.
  2. Drain off any excess water and transfer the mixture to a food processor. Add all the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.
  3. Return to saucepan and warm to the desired temperature on a medium-low setting.  Makes 2-4 servings.


Knowledge is one thing. Abiding in it is another. Steadfast wisdom is a result of unwavering experiential knowledge. It develops from constant reinforcement that strengthens our conviction…through our practice. Every time we show up on our yoga mat the Truth is lit up as the teachings spontaneously present when we need it. And this is no ordinary understanding; with each breath and movement, we polish the lens of our Citta, our mind-stuff, to develop Viveka Khyati, discriminating wisdom.

This perception is not a simple distinguishment of salt from sugar. This is recognizing Truth from the ever-changing names and forms it assumes. A tree is cut into a plank to create a chair that degrades to firewood then burned to ash. The substance is always there; it simply changes form. If we remember this basic Truth we will not attach to one particular form nor find disappointment when it changes. Nothing is lost or gained and in this knowledge is the key to our liberation.

Yoga Sutra 2.26, Vivekakhyatiraviplava hanopayah, is exercising this continuous discriminative discernment as the remedy for our unhappiness. Viveka khyati opens our eyes to realize we are no longer powerless and do not have to accept suffering. It frees us from living stuck in the daily grind of convention and rather become the architects of our own destiny. Through our practice and disciplined inquiry, we make the conscious effort to develop our unique style of surrender that raises our awareness enabling us to separate true consciousness from Maya, the illusion. True consciousness exists in all of us, in everything. Our bodies are just containers for this Spiritual Spark. Imagine we are all gems on a strand and Truth is the thread that is strung through each and every one of us. Shine on yogis, Namaste.


Hello retrograde…this month has five retrograde planets, yes I said five: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto. While the new beginnings of the Spring season arrive with enthusiasm, this retrograde movement in April will delay any firm rooting. Retrogrades have a funny way of stirring up the past, creating a wrinkle in time that allows us to retrace our steps, reflect, and offer us the most opportunity for soul growth. So be sure to give situations additional thought, care, and consideration.

Mercury goes retrograde on April 9th. The Mercury Retrograde period is an excellent time for deepening our trust and connecting with our intuition. Allow additional travel time, exercise patience with yourself and others, take care of your technology and triple check details before signing on the dotted line. In the midst of all this rerun flashback, I am really excited to offer La Luna Alchemy’s Mercury Retrograde Elixir to help neutralize or prevent potential negative effects of this 3-week period. This elixir supports us to relax and shift into an “intuitive” perspective more easily to help resolve disruptions that bubble up during this time.

Saturn goes retrograde tonight so it’s a good opportunity for us to think about the things in our lives that led us to where we are in our relationships and our jobs. We can take this occasion to go over any steps we need to take to rebuild our career or see where aspects need reworking, remodeling or reviewing.

Jupiter retrograde requires introspection and an awareness that inner growth is necessary for our hopes and dreams to materialize as personality traits and behaviors that require extra development will be illuminated. Even if we are traveling on the right path at this stage, we will be reminded how important it is to be happy and content with what we have.

Venus retrograde is one of the most significant astrological transits because it only happens once every 18 months. This is a time to heal the wounds of our heart, to let go of past lovers and relationships, to let go of past hurts and blockages, and to open ourselves to a deeper love. It is also a great opportunity to tap into our intuition and to really listen and follow through on our gut feelings.

While Pluto is retrograde we should be ready to let a piece of our personality, a piece of our life, or someone in our life give way or go in order for things to be changed and made new. It is a useful time to do a body cleanse and wash away the pollution inside our bodies or do a cleansing of our environment.  On Earth Day this month, I am offering a total body cleanse symposium which will discuss bodycare, a detox yoga flow and explore our relationship to the foods we eat for a more optimal state of health, well-being, and clarity of mind. For more details and to register go to Renew & Restore: A Conscious Cleanse. Take this extraordinary month to open to the marvelous possibilities of the cosmos and delve deeper into your true Self. Shine on yogis, Namaste.