Today is International Women’s Day which is a global day that commemorates the struggle for women’s rights and celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The earliest observance was in 1909 but it was not adopted by the United Nations until 1977. In 2011 President Obama declared the month of March “Women’s History Month” to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of women in shaping the United States’ history. The 2017 campaign theme this year is #BeBoldForChange to help forge a better working world by taking groundbreaking action that truly drives the greatest change for women – a more gender-inclusive world. We can do this by challenging stereotypes, pointing out bias and highlighting alternatives. We can educate youth about positive relationships, recognize coercive control and redress it. We can decide to buy from companies that support women and support women inventors of new products and services. Most importantly we can celebrate women’s journeys and the barriers they overcome. Celebrating the achievements of women is the awareness that drives positive change for women.

Tonight there will be a synchronized meditation in local women’s circles worldwide at 7 pm. I will be teaching a yoga class tonight at Urban Sanctuary beginning at 5:30 pm that will center around heart opening postures. It will include a heart meditation exercise at the end of class to uplift and inspire compassionate action through this synchronized intention. I encourage all of you to take a brief pause in the participation of this incredible vibration whether in a circle or alone. It is through transforming ourselves that we transform the world. Shine brightly yogis, Namaste.

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