Devotion. First thing that comes to mind is love. Then loyalty. And ultimately my golden retriever…a love sponge in an orange jumpsuit. The immediate feeling elicits a slow build intensity in the heart center that eventually bursts open like a piece of FreshenUp gum and all that is desired is to vibrate in that heart space. It is similar to the feeling I have while surfing or snowboarding or chanting. The heart just wants to reach out and hug everybody.  A blissful state of complete contentment and connection to everything.

Devotion excites me in no other way. This single-minded focus, selfless and seated in the present moment. Take for example an infant playing peek-a-boo. The child is completely absorbed in the moment despite where the adult is. What the child perceives at each instant fluctuates from a state of curiosity when the adult is out of view and immediate joy when the face is revealed. The adult is always there just as the Divine is. It is merely the illusions of the mind that prevents us from seeing and experiencing it continuously. Imagine if we were able to reside in this state indefinitely, like a golden retriever, loving everyone every moment every day. Surrendering to the universe and falling in love with Love. Be a conduit for Love. Vibrating with love and light.  Pulsating with love and light. Devotion to a dream yogis, Namaste.

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