A Future to Believe In.

Wow what a YUGE weekend.  Sun in Aquarius. Freedom. Revolution. All the best vybes. We came together in community to march and raise our voices making history. We could not help but take a deep exhale of relief in knowing that there are millions of others like us around the world that are willing to take action to create real change.

I also sunk deep into Vedanta philosophy this weekend to try and comprehend how karma, that is how our intentions and actions influence our future, plays into our destiny. First consider the Law of Causation which is a cause for an effect and an effect for a cause operating at the physical, mental and intellectual levels. For example, if the physical body is well fed and exercised it would presently be healthy. If the body had no physical training and were sensually indulgent it would be sickly. Similarly, thoughts and emotions that are positive or negative would determine the nature of the present personality. So what we are now is a result of what we have been doing in the past, dating back from this moment. This is the Law of Destiny because it deals with our past and present status. Our destiny at any time is therefore the result of our past.  We reap what we sow. We are the creators of our destiny. We are the architect of our lives. There is no extraneous power controlling our life. The divine is a supreme power which enables us to think, desire and act but the quality of our activities is entirely our making. As petrol is to movement of all cars, the divine is the prime mover of all activities. But petrol does not determine the mode and course of their motion. It is the engine that provides the power in the car and the driver determines its direction or course. The human mind and intellect determine the nature and direction of activities. And then in turn fabricate destiny, not the divine, so the responsibility of our life therefore lies in our hands.

What we would be in the future would depend upon what we do from this moment. This is the Law of Karma which covers our past, present and future. We are not only the product of our past but the producer of our future as well. There are two forces operating in our life. The one from the past that has shaped our destiny, know as prarabdha, and the other which gives us the freedom to choose our action, purushartha. Our destiny at present is the effect of all our past self-efforts. Imagine a wall that is painted yellow. Apply a little blue paint on it and it turns to green. But if we keep applying blue over and over the yellow gets neutralized and the color turns blue. The blue paint is free will, our self-effort. The yellow paint on the wall is our destiny. Just as the blue in the hand is free from the yellow on the wall, our self-effort is independent of our destiny. But when we apply our self-effort against our destiny the effect produced is different. Keep on applying our self-effort in the same direction and in due time our destiny changes in the direction set by our effort.

It was a powerful day Saturday as everyone came together peacefully to unite for Human Rights. However this was the first coat of paint on that yellow wall. We all need to actively continue to participate and put self-effort into this cause to make an effect and change our world. Not once a month, not once a year, but daily in every single moment. Write or call your congressmen. Volunteer regularly in your community. Listen to others with kindness and an open heart, looking them in the eye, recognizing and honoring the divine inside each and everyone. It is our effort that makes the difference to our destiny. Feel the bern yogis, Namaste.

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