We are more than two weeks into the new year and it’s time again to accept the brevity of New Year resolutions. I am the first to proclaim they rarely stick yet year after year I would begin a drastic routine or new regimen that would somehow transform my life for the better. With each rotation around the sun I have realized these are doomed for failure not because of willpower but because fixation with being overly severe can create unnecessary rigidity and restriction…the exact opposite of growth and expansion I was attempting to obtain. Yoga Sutra 2.38, Brahmacarya pratisthayam viryalabhah, is about moderation and taking the middle path, the one of flexibility and balance. Inherently we all know this but why do we continue to set unrealistic goals every January?

We live in a society where happiness is equated with lavish comforts and enjoyment. Today’s world has become so extreme…it has to be epic, baller, monumental, or insane to be noteworthy. How easily we become sidetracked in fulfilling these sensory appetites that we lose sight of our original intent of finding peace within. When we fixate on sensory gratification we become bound to it. Moderation produces the highest individual vitality.  Too much of anything brings problems. Too little may be inadequate. Nothing is wasted by us if we seek to develop balance. By keeping strong and calm, aligned with our creative energy instead of our fleeting desires, we become resilient and cultivate true joy and health. Listening to our bodies and thinking about where to direct our energy we develop poise. And that’s what we really need going into this New Year. Shine on yogis, Namaste.

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