Kindness, the first of the yamas called ahimsa, is a virtue and something we all strive for. It is a characteristic valued as promoting collective or individual greatness. We are kind through our intentions, decisions and actions. What is our purpose when speaking to someone? Why are we doing this? How will our actions influence others? All of these things are in our control if we are aware and conscious of them moment to moment in all our interactions. These thoughts and actions are like stones dropped in a pond. How they are thrown determines the type of effect we will have on others. Will the water be muddied or gently ripple across the surface?

To understand the deeper meaning behind our decisions is to relate it to the planting of seeds. What we see in our life is a direct result of seeds we have planted in the past. What does your life look like today? Is it filled with joy and connection or chaos and turmoil? These are not only the growth of the seeds we’ve planted along the way, but also the seeds that continue to sprout off shoots and spread into all areas of our life.

We are all incredibly connected. This is evident in the exquisite interwoven tapestry of Nature. Each one of us exists within this tapestry and everything we do and think affects the people in our lives and their reactions in turn affect others. The choices we make have far-reaching consequences. Through mindful awareness we carry within us the capacity to change the world in small ways for better or worse. Imagining kindness in our fingertips and how we will touch the world keeps us present in the moment. Asking “what would love do?” keeps us connected to the greatest universal good. We are all one. Shine on yogis, Namaste.

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