I was recently asked why do we want to find stillness of the mind. Why has Eastern philosophy stressed this importance whereas Western civilization strives to do more, be more, think more? In stillness we are not attached to our thoughts. Thoughts are notions and opinion driven by our ego which is the lens in which we experience physical reality. Ego takes in all the sensory inputs from our body, our physical surroundings, and our present physical needs. Its job is protector and sustainer of the physical reality. It is the identity of self-contrasted from the world. And right now the world needs way more togetherness than division.

Consciousness on the other hand is the part of you that existed before you were born. Consciousness is that inner voice, that intuition, that is here to experience things and right now that experience is physically based. Consciousness is the witness, the neutral observer, to our experience. Ego is the needs and wants of our experience. When we operate from a sense of stillness, we become mindful of the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment. Good or bad. That process of stepping back takes us out of being submerged in our experiences and thoughts and sensory input and into awareness. It is through this awareness of genuine experience we awaken to our Self. Our true authentic Self in sincerity of action and character.

Truth resonates. It doesn’t need persuasion or manipulation. It relates harmoniously; it strikes a chord with us, in our gut, our intuition. We understand it immediately without the need for reasoning because it is a knowledge we have always known. A cosmic consciousness. Our ancestral DNA. Much of the social and political climate right now is about righteousness not truthfulness. About ego and not awareness. In stillness we become aware of truth, the second yama called satya. Shine on yogis, Namaste.


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